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Darren's Embroidery Patching

BJJ Gi Patch

BJJ Gi Patch

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Inno-Aut BJJ Gi Patches

Show your support for Inno-Aut and our mission to empower individuals with autism and other mental health challenges with our stylish BJJ Gi Patches. These patches are not just a symbol of support, but a statement of belief in the power of technology to foster communication, independence, and personal growth.

Our patches come in two distinct designs:

Subtle: This 5-inch patch features our distinctive heart-shaped logo, a symbol of our commitment to empathy, understanding, and compassion. It's the perfect size for a subtle show of support on your Gi.

Bold: This larger 6-inch patch includes both our heart-shaped logo and the Inno-Aut brand name. It's a bold statement of your support for our mission and our innovative products.

Each patch is made with high-quality materials for durability and longevity. They are designed to be sewn onto your Gi, ensuring they stay in place even during the most intense training sessions.

By purchasing an Inno-Aut BJJ Gi Patch, you're not just showing your support for individuals with autism and other mental health challenges, you're becoming part of a community that believes in the power of innovative solutions to transform lives. Wear it with pride!
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